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Now enrolling for the 2017-18 school year. Contact the school office for information, 322-2923.

Principal Post

Principal Post

February 22, 2017


Ash Wednesday and Lent

Next week Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. A flier will go home next week with information regarding the school’s Lenten practices for this year. Our focus this year will be on the practice of fasting. Fasting can be limiting our diet, screen time, undesirable language or bad habits. Whatever we fast from turns our hearts from worldly things to Christ. Students will attend Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:30 AM.

There will be Masses at 6:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM for Ash Wednesday observances.



Thursday, February 23 at 6:30 PM. Join us for a night of reflection and praise featuring live, acoustic music and inspiring words of witness, conveying the Joy of the Gospel. The speaker for Ignite is Jen Brooke.


SPS/AHS Choir Performance

We have 23 SPS Choir students participating in the Assumption Winter Concert!

The Assumption High School Music Department will present its Winter Concert on Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 7:00 in Sunderbruch Auditorium on the Assumption campus.  The program will feature the jazz band and concert bands, as well as the jazz choir and concert choir.  The program will also feature 50 7th and 8th grade students performing with the Assumption Choir.  Please join us for a great evening of music.


2017-2018 Enrollment

  • Kindergarten and Preschool Enrollment - If you haven’t turned your paperwork in yet, please make sure to get it in as soon as possible. We still have a limited number of spots available in each program.
  • 1st-8th Grade Enrollment - Forms are due next week, February 28, along with a $100 per student enrollment fee and Parent Participation commitment form.


Spread the Word for 2017-2018

Thank you parents for being our best ambassadors in bringing new families to St. Paul’s. As we move into planning for the 2017- 2018 school year, please continue to share the good word about SPS. We have spots available for new students in every grade level. The number of spots available in each grade varies.


Women’s CEW 2017 February 24-26

Ladies, it’s not too late to sign up for the Women’s CEW weekend. From my personal experience, it is a wonderful weekend that will deepen your relationship with Christ and the community. Take time to treat yourself to this experience.

  • Registration forms are at the entrances of the Church, in the school office,  on the Saint Paul’s Church Website ( under the Discipleship & Evangelization tab. For more information, please call Theresa Hanser  (563) 344-9879 or Ryan Burchett  (563) 271-0608.


ESA’s and School Choice

We are still working with legislators to pass Education Savings Accounts. Below is information that should help explain the program and how it will benefit Iowa students.

School choice programs:

  • Remove barriers, such as address and income, which prevent parents from choosing the education that best fits their child.
  • Encourage parents to become more engaged, involved, and invested in their child’s education, which generally increases student achievement.
  • Parents are the first educators of their children, and parents know their children’s needs, strengths, and deficits better than anyone. They should have the freedom to choose an educational environment that enhances each student’s unique ability to learn.
  • Many studies have shown that school choice programs do not have a detrimental effect to the public schools in that area.


What Is an Education Savings Account (ESA)?

  • A state grant equal to a portion of the state per-pupil funding, for which EVERY Iowa student would be eligible regardless of income level;
  • Students would utilize the grant for approved educational expenses such as private school tuition, textbooks, tutoring, and online learning; and
  • Any funds not used by graduation could be used for tuition at an Iowa college or university.


Benefits of a Strong ESA Program

  • Parents can choose the educational option that best fits their child’s unique needs, regardless of income, location, cost, special needs, or other barriers currently preventing that choice.
  • When children receive the education that best meets their needs, they are better equipped for success, resulting in a well-qualified Iowa work force.
  • ESAs would allow every Iowa student to become eligible for a grant equal to a portion of the state’s per-pupil funding.
  • Local funding for the child using the ESA grant would remain with the public school district.
  • There is no intent or plan to reduce public education funding for an ESA program.


An ESA Is Not a Voucher

  • While vouchers typically allow for one type of learning at a brick and mortar school, ESAs allow money to be used for a wider variety of approved education expenses such as private school tuition, textbooks, tutoring, and online learning.