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Panther Perks

St. Paul the Apostle Home & School Organization

Panther Perks Online Ordering Made Easy


St. Paul the Apostle Home & School is very excited to introduce online ordering ( and the ability to pay for your Panther Perks needs using PrestoPay (automatic checking account deduction). Along with being able to place your order online for items we keep in stock as well as special orders, these new tools will also allow you to use SCRIPNOW! And RELOADS.

What is Scrip? Scrip=Panther Perks

What is SCRIPNOW! ?

SCRIPNOW! is available through certain companies to provide you with Panther Perks to your email address within minutes of paying for your order. You can print the email and use it at the store or use a code online at some companies. Have you ever realized you need to make a purchase a Lowe’s, but you can’t buy Panther Perks for 3 more days? Well, SCRIPNOW! is going to make your day. (Examples of current companies that offer SCRIPNOW!: Amazon, GAP, Chili’s, Home Depot, iTunes, Lowe’s)

What are RELOADS?

RELOADS are available through certain cards (like Starbucks). It gives you the ability to reload a card ($$) that was bought originally through Panther Perks so you do not have to keep buying a card every weekend. Example: Buy a $10 Starbucks card from Panther Perks, and you can reload it with dollars so you don’t have to buy each weekend but still receive Panther Perks earnings on every dollar you put on the card. (Examples of current Panther Perks cards that can be reloaded: Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, BP, Lowe’s, Mobile)

Please follow the provided instructions to set up your account(s).

  1. Create an Online Account
  • Go to
  • Click on the Register Button Up in the top Right hand corner
  • Click on the Blue Button “Join a Scrip Program” in the lower Left hand Corner
  • Enter St. Paul the Apostle’s Enrollment Code: BD28ALA135L9 (Feel Free to Copy and Paste J)
  • Create a Username Unique to You and a Password
  • Fill Out Steps 3 & 4
  • Answer a Few Security Questions and You’re Ready to Go!
  1. PrestoPay Account
  2. PrestoPay is a tool the Panther Perks program is utilizing to help you pay for your Panther Perks order through automatic checking account deduction.
  3. When using PrestoPay, there is a $.15 fee per checking account transaction (NOT per card purchased and reloaded).
  4. Fund must be available at time of transaction! If funds are not available, you will be charged a $30 fee from SPS along with any Panther Perks amount that was issued to you.

 Creating a PrestoPay Account

  • Follow the instructions on PrestoPay enrollment screen.
  • Proceed through verification process.
  • When you receive a 4 digit code via email after PrestoPay set up is complete, forward that email to Return email will be sent when set up process is complete. 
  1. After creating your user accounts and getting approval from Panther Perks Coordinator, you may start placing orders on ShowWithScrip immediately.
  2. Log on to account
  3. Order Panther Perks through “Express Add”, “Order ScripNow!” or “Reload”.
  4. Select items via drop down menus and place quantity – “Add to Cart”.
  5. When finished ordering, proceed to checkout process
  6. Select Payment Option: “Check” or PrestoPay”
    • You may always select “check” when ordering through ShopWithScrip and send your check in to the School Office marked Panther Perks Online Order Check. However, orders are not filled until payment is received.
  7. Complete Order

Other Benefits of Using SHOPWITHSCRIP

Besides being able to order your Panther Perks needs at any time that is convenient for you, you may also view your HSO balance via “Account Activity” on the home page of after login. No need to wait for quarterly updates. Just log on!

Visiting often, will keep you up to date on current Panther Perks specials. Companies sometimes raise their percentages for a short time. That’s the perfect time to stock up! You will also be the first to be updated with new vendor information like who has joined Panther Perks or who is now offering Reloads or SCRIPNOW!.

“Like” ShopWithScrip on Facebook and they will be added to your news feed for your most up to date Panther Perks information.

SCRIPNOW! can be used to send eCards as gifts. Just click on the box to make it a gift during the ordering process and send it to someone’s email address.

If you have questions, please contact Shannon Elliott 

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