St. Paul The Apostle Catholic School

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Parish
Now enrolling for the 2017-18 school year. There are still spots available PreK-8th grade. Contact the school office for information, 322-2923.               
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St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School integrates technology into the general curriculum. The technology infrastructure of the building allows great flexibility for students and teachers to use the internet, various search engines, and software applications to make locating resources simple. Students also use a wide variety of means to demonstrate their mastery of concepts and skills. Tools such as laptop computers, a Student Performance System ("clickers" for immediate response), Smart Board, iPods for auditory learners, digital cameras and camcorders allow our students alternative means in addition to paper and pencil assessments. Students create digital movies, Power Point presentations, and podcasts to demonstrate and apply their knowledge. Technology education becomes a side product of educational process at St. Paul the Apostle.