Bienvenidos a Español

Welcome to Señora Cupples' Spanish Page!  Here you will find (hopefully) working links to weekly assignments as well as some resource links for middle school.  This page is a work in progress so be patient and please let me know if something is not working the way it should be.  Please note that I am usually working ahead on the following week's assignments so make sure you don't get overwhelmed and work too far ahead!  One new thing for week 3 is that I have created classes to make it a little easier for you to find your weekly assignments
Attention 6th-8th graders:  your classwork will no longer be found on this webpage.  You must login to Google Classroom to access and turn in classwork.  Please see Dr. Delaney's Principal Post for more information.  
Mrs. Cupples has 20 years of teaching experience ranging from elementary through high school levels in multiple content areas.  She loves integrating all the content areas into language learning and helping students find common roots between Spanish, English, and even some other languages too!  
Mrs. Cupples is originally from Macomb, Illinois, just a short drive from the Quad Cities.  However, she spent most of her adult life in Northeast Wisconsin where she taught 3rd grade bilingual education and middle school science/language arts as well as provided EL support.  She is married to Ken, an engineer, and has two daughters who attend SPS.  
Check out my video on screen free ideas to review vocabulary.  Filmed by my 12 year old, interrupted by my dog, and featuring me adding 6 and 5 incorrectly, you won't want to miss this.  My other daughter's skateboard wrench even pops up from under my mat.  
Pray with me!  Please join me in saying the Hail Mary in Spanish. 
Pray with me!  Join me in saying the Glory Be in Spanish.