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In person learning continues at SPS!! Thank you to the efforts of everyone we are staying healthy!

Principal Post

December 2, 2020


Dear Parents,


Your Help is Needed

Perhaps you are a family who is blessed financially and would like to help make Catholic education affordable for other families. The largest amount of tuition assistance is distributed through the Mississippi Valley STO (MVSTO). If you pay Iowa income taxes, consider a gift to the MVSTO. Your gift will qualify for a 65% direct tax credit on your Iowa return.  Those who itemize are also able to deduct the remaining 35% of their gift on their federal tax return.  This is the most tax efficient gift available to Iowa taxpayers! For 2020, Iowa is allowing the MVSTO to receive slightly more than $1,324,000 in gifts eligible for tax credits . . . but here's the kicker, we only have until December 31st to reach this goal. More than 88 students at St. Paul’s are currently receiving tuition grants through this program and we desperately want to be able to continue to help all of them as well as a few others. The need has never been greater than it is this year. For more information, go to


Sixth Grade Bazaar

Our 6th graders aren’t letting Covid 19 spoil their learning and fun! Each year the 6th graders do financial literacy project which includes a business plan, bank loan, production, advertising and sales. This becomes the 6th grade Bazaar. I love how they have adapted this year! Congratulations to our Mrs. DiIulio, Mrs. McCabe and the students for their creativity and perseverance.

Don't forget to send in your order sheets by this Friday. No orders will be accepted after that, since our elves are buying supplies this weekend and starting mass production Monday based on the order totals Friday. Thank you for supporting our bazaar! Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!


Virtual Christmas Program

3rd and 5th grade students will dress up on Thursday, December 10. We will record them singing their Christmas songs that day and 8th grade will be recording the Nativity. Students will watch these on the last day of school before dismissal. The programs will be posted before Christmas Break in Google Classroom so that families can watch.


Panther Perks

Don't forget to use Panther Perks for your holiday gift giving and shopping. This year especially, it is our main way to raise funds for our Home and School Association. 


Covid 19 Update

Our numbers are looking great so far this week. We have no students out positive for Covid 19 and only 23 quarantined due to close contact.  This is down from our peak at 41 students quarantined. None of the close contacts occurred in school.  I’m really hoping we’re through the worst of it! Symptoms generally appear 5-7 days after exposure, so start watching for symptoms these next few days if you may have been exposed over Thanksgiving Break. Thank you parents for all you are doing to keep us safe and healthy here at school!


Just in Case You Need the Information Again….


Is Your Child Out Sick?

Please allow teachers a day to get your child set up for online learning if they need to be out for an extended period of time. Teachers are working extremely hard to balance in class and online students.

  • If children are out sick for just a day, we won’t be able to set them up online for just a day. We’d prefer they rest and get well so they can return to school.
  • If students are awaiting results of a COVID test, are quarantined or are out for an extended period we would like them online. Teachers will gather materials together and have them in the front vestibule. Because they are busy teaching, they will not be able to get them out until the end of the day or next morning.
  • When your child is sick, please email Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Thompson with the information including their symptoms.



Covid-19 Protocols

 In order to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy, we have to adopt to some new protocols. 

  • Please keep your children home if they are sick.  
  • We will be taking temperatures every morning, and if your child is 100.4 or higher, you will be called to come take them home immediately.  Temperatures will also be taken if your child starts feeling ill.
  • Students will sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.
  • All Students/Faculty/Staff and Visitors are required to wear masks in the building.  Teachers will take the students outside periodically for “mask breaks”.  Students will not be required to wear masks when outside, and social distancing will be encouraged on the playgrounds.  Preschool students can wear face shields in place of masks.

A person is contagious 48 hours before the onset of symptoms or a positive test.

  • If your child has a known exposure (within 6 feet for 15 consecutive minutes - mask or no mask) to someone who tested positive for Covid-19, he/she must stay home and quarantine for 14 days, even if they have a negative Covid-19 test (they can get symptoms on day 12)
  • If your child sits within 6 feet of another student who has tested positive, you will be notified, and your child will have to stay home and quarantine for 14 days.  They will be able to participate in online learning, so they don’t fall behind.
  • Please let us know if you or someone in your family has been exposed.  We will be working with the Scott County Health Department to track and contain cases.



Julie C. Delaney, PhD


St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School

1007 E.Rusholme

Davenport, IA   52803

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." 

Proverbs 3:5-6