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Thank you Home and School for an awesome Block Party!

Principal Post

October 3, 2018

 Senior Thanksgiving Dinner – Helpers Needed!

For over 20 year we have served the senior citizens of our parish a delicious Thanksgiving luncheon. The seniors look forward to it every year! The luncheon has grown and has become more than our 4/5th grade teachers can plan and execute while teaching our children. I am looking for a committee to work with me to plan and serve this year’s dinner. Students will continue to be a part of the luncheon helping to serve and entertain our parish seniors. Time spent working on this meaningful project will count toward your volunteer hours. Please prayerfully consider helping. If you are interested contact me at


Thank you for supporting Panther Perks on Turn in Tuesday!

 Our one-day totals are as follows:

  • Net sales $20,442.50

  • Rebate profit $1,541.36 (An average profit for the school of 7%!)

  • Friday is Out of Uniform for all who purchased Panther Perks

  • We have 241 K-8 families and 44 preschool families with a total of 471 students.

  • If all of our K-8 families fulfilled their Parent Participation Program with volunteer hours, it would generate 4820 hours of volunteer work at the school for Home and School events, tutoring, field trips and more.

  • If all of our Preschool through 8th grade families purchased enough Panther Perks to generate $200 in profit each, they would provide $57,000 to put towards programs and services in the school.

  • Supporting Home and School through Panther Perks helped pay for buses this week for field trips to Nahant Marsh and the Children’s Literature Festival, along with the 8th grade NET Retreat. Thank you!!



  • Don’t forget to sign up for family pictures for the Parish Directory.

  • Please send in can food for the Student Hunger Drive.



Volunteer Opportunities

To date we have 808 service hours completed by families during 83 Panther Perks – contact Shannon Elliott

Parish Directory Photo Check In – contact the Parish Office – 322-7994

Trunk or Treat -

Ladies Night Bingo -

Lunch Taco in a Bag (Thursdays once a month) – contact the school office




Have you been thinking about becoming Catholic?  Are you curious about the adult Sacramental process?  If you find yourself wanting to learn more about what the process would be for you and your situation please contact Tasha at to learn more.  Touch base to set up a time to meet and discuss the journey of becoming Catholic or to answer any questions.  Wherever you are-we look forward to serving you!