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Now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year.

Principal Post

April 28, 2021


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support this year as we have and continue to navigate all the changes and restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic. My guess is that we all have Covid fatigue and just want life to return to normal. I know this is where I am at!


In our school and parish community we have families who are across the spectrum when it comes to their views on health and safety. Some families are very comfortable being out and about without masks, some families are still working from home and their children are only attending school with no outside activities. For some people it is due to underlying health conditions that put them in a life-threatening situation if they get Covid. As a school, we are doing our best to find that middle ground of keeping all students and staff safe while not being overly restrictive. We are keeping up to the best of our ability with new research and guidelines that are put out by the CDC and Scott County Health Department. No one knows at this point what next school year will look like, I am praying for a return to normal.


The year has brought a controversial election, social unrest, and a world-wide pandemic. In the midst of the chaos, Jesus as our focus can keep us moving together toward a stronger parish and school community. Let’s try to keep our eye on Jesus. Please be patient with us and each other. We are in this together. Love of God and love of neighbor will work miracles.


I am an optimistic person and prefer to focus on the good things we have accomplished this year…

  • Being in school in person all year!
  • Only 10 cases of Covid all yeat and they were not contracted at school.
  • Our quarantine numbers since Spring Break have been lowest of the school year, averaging only 2 per day.
  • 97% daily attendance rate.
  • Implementation of a 1:1 device program in grades 3-8
  • Welcoming 23 new students and their families to the school!
  • In person Spring Band Concert
  • In person May Crowning
  • In person 8th Grade Graduation and Dance


God bless you all! You are in my prayers as you navigate this crazy year with your children and families.


Coming Soon

Look for more information in the next few weeks regarding incentives for current families to refer new families to SPS, as well as a new incentive program for families transferring to St. Paul’s.  Details will be coming out soon!


We’re Praying for our 2nd Graders

Over the next two weekends our 2nd grade students will be making their First Holy Communion at the weekend Masses. Please keep them in your prayers as they receive Christ for the first time. It is a beautiful gift from God that we hope they cherish for the rest of their lives.


Still Important


Celebrate St. Paul’s Steering Committee

God has been on the move even in the midst of a global pandemic and we want to celebrate our wonderful parish community and overcoming this crazy year!  If you like helping to organize events and offering our parish community an opportunity to celebrate together join us for the Celebrate St. Paul's steering committee.  We are looking for people to help plan and organize for our upcoming Celebrate St. Paul's event (which will be held Saturday June 12th). Those interested in being on this steering committee are invited to gather this coming Thursday April 29th from 7-8:00pm in the Gathering Space.  We'd love your assistance to join in on organizing a fun event for our community.  If you have any questions please reach out to Tasha in the church office, otherwise join us on Thursday evening.  Thank you!  


Board of Education Membership

Do you have a passion for Catholic Education and supporting our Saint Paul the Apostle school?

Please consider joining the school board!

  • The school board is seeking to fill 1 board position with an active member of our parish who is committed to our wonderful Catholic School. Interested appointees should have a commitment to understand and support the mission of our education programs, finances, faculty and staff, and marketing needs.
  • Each board member serves a 3 year term.
  • You may nominate yourself or another parishioner. Please send nominations by May 11 to Lyndsey Day at
  • Contact Lyndsey Day at 563-209-1220 with any questions.


Mad Potter Class Platters are Coming!

We’ve heard parents would like the opportunity to purchase a class platter again this year.  Some families have one for each child and want to keep the tradition going. For our new parents, the platters are adorable scenes created with the student thumbprints. There is one platter per class. Usually these are auctioned as part of our Blue and Gold Bash, which can’t happen this year due to Covid. This year’s platters will be displayed and auctioned online. Look for more information as to when they are ready for auction.


ISASP (former Iowa Assessments) will be the weeks of May 10 and May 17. Please make sure students are in attendance those weeks.


May Crowning

May Crowning will be closer to normal this Spring!! We will have May Crowning on May 7 at 9:30 AM. 2nd and 8th grade parents (parents only please) will be able to attend May Crowning in the Church. We will socially distance and masks will be required. Students in the school will watch the May Crowning in their classrooms.


Name Tag Initiative at Masses

The month of April we will once again be pulling out the nametags.  If you come to Mass and have a chance to put a name tag on please consider doing so!  It's a great opportunity to say hello to those people we haven't seen in a while, greet the person who has dyed their hair and you don't recognize or introduce yourself and welcome someone new.  


Hospitality Ministry

Our newly formed hospitality committee has discerned ways to serve in forms of radical hospitality.  You may notice hospitality ministers at Mass opening doors or greeting which is an effort of this newly formed committee.  If you'd like to join us as we brainstorm and navigate ways to practice hospitality here at St. Paul's be sure to reach out to Tasha at  Or if you or anyone in your family would like to serve as hospitality greeters please be in touch!


Adult Confirmation

Are you an adult who has never been confirmed?  Have you been practicing your Catholic faith and want to complete your initiation into the faith this the Sacrament of Confirmation?  Each year we offer the chance to discern this possibility for our parishioners at the celebration of Pentecost.  If this is you and you'd like more information or would like to inquire please reach out!  We'd love to walk you through the process.


Shout Outs!!!

Is there someone at St. Paul's that has been going above and beyond?  Would you like to extend gratitude or praise to someone who is serving in radical ways?  Look for opportunities on our new spot in the bulletin and on our website called Shout Outs.  Link here to submit a shout out!  


Share the Good News

Parents, you are our best recruiters of new students. Please share with your family, friends and neighbors what you love about sending your children to St. Paul’s. If you know of people who are interested in sending their children to SPS they can call the office at 322-2923 or email me at to get materials and set up a tour.


Reminder: Notifying the School Regarding COVID Exposures

Please allow teachers a day to get your child set up for online learning if they need to be out for an extended period of time. Teachers are working extremely hard to balance in class and online students.

  • When your child has been exposed to a COVID positive person or is sick, please email Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Thompson with the information including their symptoms.
  • If children are out sick for just a day, we won’t be able to set them up online for just a day. We’d prefer they rest and get well so they can return to school.
  • If students are awaiting results of a COVID test, are quarantined or are out for an extended period we would like them online. Teachers will gather materials together and have them in the front vestibule. Because they are busy teaching, they will not be able to get them out until the end of the day or next morning.


Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines


  • Known exposure to COVID19 – 10 day isolation with a positive or negative test from last date of contact. Continue to monitor for symptoms up to day 14.
  • Symptoms – 10 day isolation with a positive or negative test from onset of symptoms and must be symptom free for 24 hours.
  • If at any time symptoms consistent with COVID-19 develop, regardless of testing status, the person should immediately start self-isolation and contact their local public health authority or healthcare provider. Furthermore, regardless of when the quarantine period ends, all persons should wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet from others, wash their hands, avoid crowds, and take other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Julie C. Delaney, PhD


St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School

1007 E.Rusholme

Davenport, IA   52803

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." 

Proverbs 3:5-6