Program of Study

Program of Study


Religion - St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School will foster the faith formation and spiritual growth of all persons based on standards of academic excellence which are rooted in gospel values, Catholic Church teachings, and celebrations so that faith becomes living, conscious, and active. Religion is taught daily in all grades K- 8 as well as interwoven throughout the school day.  Each day is begun with all school prayer and all students, K-8, celebrate Mass together each Friday. Classes attend Mass on other days as well. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent. Our parish puts high priority on the faith development of our students and this is demonstrated by our priests' regular visits to the classrooms to teach the students.

Language Arts - St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School develops students in Language Arts as a whole language approach. Students learn to read and write early on and as an ongoing process. We believe reading and writing develop along with oral language. Through active listening and learning we give our students opportunities to explore and develop skills in reading, writing and speaking. Cultural and social experience influence these areas as well. In sharing what we kn
ow about our experiences through reading, writing and speaking we hope to share the excitement of learning with others.

Math - St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School provides a high-quality, challenging yet accessible mathematics program for its students. The mathematics curriculum is taught in a coherent and sequential manner, utilizing a variety of activities aimed at enhancing students' learning. Teachers actively introduce mathematical concepts through a range of appropriate experiences and teaching strategies at each grade level. Students explore, practice, discuss, and apply new understanding in each area of the mathematics standards. Teachers support students with feedback and use effective methods for assessment.

Science - The Science curriculum at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School stresses the use of the scientific method to study the disciplines of Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Seventh and Eighth grade science classes are held daily in a fully equipped lab, which includes a cart of laptop computers. Grades 1-6 use the science lab as needed to complete activities. At each level, science is integrated through the curriculum, as well as taught as a separate course. Students learn the Science Standards through a variety of teaching methods, including cooperative learning groups, hands-on activities, research projects, student created Power Point Presentations, and other technologies.
  • Inquiry base approach

  • Inquiry involves thinking like a scientist (asking questions, formulating a hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, reporting results)

  • Fostering curiosity is key

  • Grades K-5: Involve a combination of science disciplines

  • Grade 6: Earth Science

  • Grade 7: Life Science

  • Grade 8: Physical Science

Social Studies - St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School Social Studies curriculum through all grades is experiential and interactive, stressing the deepening of each student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our primary curriculum is History Alive, supplemented with guest speakers, Biztown, Finance Park, and Junior Achievement to best provide opportunities for students to “explore, interpret, apply, shift perspective, empathize, and self-assess”. These six skills help students understand history, geography, economics, government, and the social sciences. The use of technology helps students “work smarter” in exploring the world around them. 

Main focus areas:

  • Kindergarten : Me and My World 

  • 1st grade: My School and Family 

  • 2nd grade: My Community 

  • 3rd grade: Our Community and Beyond 

  • 4th grade: Regions of the U.S. 

  • 5th grade: U.S. History through American Revolution 

  • 6th grade: Ancient Civilizations 

  • 7th grade: World Geography 

  • 8th grade: U.S. History 1700s through Industrialization 

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