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Home & School Organization

Parents of children attending SPS are automatically members of the HSO. The SPS HSO exists for four main purposes.
  • To provide communication between parents of students and members of the school staff. Communication is provided in the form of newsletters, messages from our Principal and teachers and HSO & School Board sponsored meetings. The meetings will be held at scheduled times throughout the year. At least one parent per family is asked to attend each of the meetings
  • To provide support for the educational programs of the school. This support comes from our members in the form of time and treasure.
  • To provide the school with financial support for needed expenses not included in the school’s budget as needed throughout the year. This would include such things as new textbooks, educational resources for the teachers, aiding in the classrooms, library, playground, school maintenance projects and Junior Achievement to name a few.
  • To provide the families of SPS a sense of community through HSO sponsored events and activities held throughout the year. These events help form a bond between our students, our families and our staff, further promoting the school’s mission of empowering students, through love and virtue, to develop their Catholic faith, their intellect, and a community of one Spirit in Christ Jesus.
Home & School holds monthly meetings, August through May. They are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm at Jersey Grille. The meetings are open and we invite any parent or guardian to attend. Attending the meetings is a great way to learn more about the activities that Home & School sponsors and gives parents a better understanding of the volunteer opportunities and needs.

Please contact this year's Home and School President, Shannon Elliott, with any questions.  

 [email protected]