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Faith Formation, Curriculum and Service


St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School teaches the fundamental precepts of the Roman Catholic faith and, through the support of the entire parish, helps each student apply this knowledge and understanding in their daily actions. Catholic values are taught and reinforced with our students by:

  • Morning prayer begins each day
  • Weekly all-school Mass
  • Student preparation of and participation at Mass
  • Prayer buddies
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Praying of the Rosary
  • May Crowning
  • Regular classroom visits by our priest
  • Daily Religion classes
  • All school Advent prayer services
  • Opportunities to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Lent classroom retreats
  • Stations of the Cross

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School recognizes the family as the primary educator of children in academics and faith. Therefore, the school enjoys family involvement in the ongoing success of school achievement and activities, emulating relationships that honor Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the original Holy Family.

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School students learn that each person is called to give back to God and his people by using the talents and gifts bestowed by God. Along with the entire St. Paul the Apostle parish, the staff and students share, role model, and grow in their faith. Students are encouraged to demonstrate servant leadership by participating in parish and community projects such as:

  • Project Renewal
  • Café on Vine
  • Shriner’s pop top program
  • Birthright donations
  • Prayer buddies
  • Altar serving
  • Student envelopes to encourage regular church giving