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Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Students who arrive before 7:35 must go to Before Care located in Denning Hall.  Fees apply.

Morning Drop Off
Parents dropping off students at school between 7:35-7:55 should use the following procedure. Please read the following points and reference this map:

Afternoon Pick Up

Students will be released at the end of the school day using the following procedure. Please reference this map:

Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be released at 2:52 and should leave the school grounds immediately. Students in 4th through 8th grade will be released at the second bell at 2:55. The reason for this change is to decrease the congestion of cars and foot traffic after school.

Families whose last name begins with the letter A-J must use the East parking lot for afternoon pick up. Families whose last name begins with the letters K-Z must pick up on the West parking lot. 

Please do not make arrangements to pick your children up anywhere but these two locations, especially on Rusholme Street, and also refrain from leaving your car to meet your children because it slows down the pick up procedure and creates traffic congestion. If parents wish to meet their children park in the church parking lot and cross at the cross walk.

Enter the alley behind the school from Carey Street and head West. Parents have two options:

  1. Enter the East parking lot from the alley and drop off at the corner before exiting onto Rusholme Street.
  2. Continue straight down the alley and drop off at the entrance to the West parking lot before exiting onto Arlington Street.

Kindergarten through fifth grade students will line on the West parking lot in the morning from 7:35 till 7:45. Sixth through eighth grade students will line up in the front courtyard from 7:35 till 7:45.  The alley will be one way heading west from 7:35-7:55. Buses will continue to unload in the front of the school. Parents can not drop off students on either side of Rusholme Street due to bus drop off and the heavy traffic on Rusholme Street.