About Dr. Delaney
I am proud to be the principal at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School. St. Paul's school has a wonderful family environment in which we educate our children in their Catholic faith and academics. The partnership between families and the school is key to the successful education of our students. 
I am in my 11th year as principal and my 29th year total at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School. 
I taught 7/8th grade at St. Paul's for 18 years previously. 
Educational Background
BA: University of Iowa
MS: Western Illinois University
PhD: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is via email at [email protected] or call the school at 322-2923.
Loving to learn, and learning to love.


Transitional Kindergarten Spring Program 2017

Here is a little taste of the adorable TK Spring Program.

NCEA Conference Reflection

A team of six attended the National Catholic Education Association Conference in St. Louis this week. What a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our Catholic faith and education!
The Liturgies are always my favorite part of the conference. There were 8000 attendee's this year, a record. Just image 8000 voices raised in prayer, praise and song! 
As I reflect on the conference, I have learned new ways to help students achieve their best, build a more cohesive faculty, and share the good news of what we do each day at St. Paul's. The conference also reinforces for me the many wonderful things we already have going at SPS; the programs, services and above all, the excellent educators.
Mrs. Hannon, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Knobbe, Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Handley and myself will be sharing our conference takeaways with the rest of the faculty. As teachers, we are the lead learners of the school and strive to continually hone our craft.
As much as we enjoyed our time at NCEA, it is so good to be home!!

On the Roof! Congrats SPS students on 252,000+ pages read!

SPS students met the challenge and read 252,000+ page over the summer. Our challenge ended on Sept. 30. Their reading sent me through the roof and earned them an ice cream party.

Revisiting our Mission

Our year began with professional development before for the faculty and staff. In revisiting our parish and school vision and mission, we chose three values that embody our school mission:

  • Faith
  • Life-long learning
  • Collaborative community

In this year’s Home & School newsletters, these core 3 values will be my focus, beginning with faith.

School Liturgies

In the development of our Catholic faith, our emphasis this year is on making our school Liturgies more meaningful for the students. Teachers are preparing the students before Mass by discussing the readings the students will hear at our Friday all school Masses and preparing the students for the Sunday Mass readings as well.

As the school year progresses we will be helping the students develop a better understanding of the many beautiful aspects of our worship together as a community. 

The Car as the Family Chapel

We are all busy running our children to sports practices, dance, school, and the orthodontist. We most likely spend more time in our cars than around the dining room table. In a recent meeting with Fr. Tony, Cathy Hannon, and Michelle Herrington, we shared ways to help our children develop their love of Jesus. I learned with my son, Brian, that some of our most meaningful conversations happened in the car. Driving to and from activities or on family trips you can

  • Pray for special intentions.
  • Thank God for the good things that happened that day at school, home and activities.
  • Share your childhood family faith traditions and memories.
  • Pray a Rosary using a CD or mp3 player.

Don’t forget to nourish your own faith life in the carpool craziness. When you are waiting in the car for practice to end

  • Keep a prayer journal.
  • Read a spiritual book such as, My Monastery is a Minivan, by Denise Roy.
  • Read and meditate on a daily devotional.
  • Check catholicmom.com or catholicdadshq.blogspot.com daily blog for prayers, Gospel reflections.

Welcome Back to School!

The school is sparkling clean. Classrooms are set up. Teachers and staff are excited for another school year to begin!

Summer Reading Challenge Update

3051 = the number of pages I have read this summer.
How many have our SPS students read? Will the students send me to the roof?