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5A - Weekly Updates and Blog

Check here for Weekly Updates and Blog Posts about the class! 


Weekly Update 12/14

Hello Everyone! 
The kids and I were discussing that we only have 7 DAYS left till Christmas Break! It seems crazy that the year has flown by this fast. The students have done a great job so far and I can't wait to see what's to come in the next semester! 
I am writing this email for this week and the first 2 days of next week. There will be no "Weekly Email" next week. I will send a reminder about the Nativity! 
Weekly Rundown(s):
Mon 12/14: Band 8:20 - Spelling Group #3 Test - Music 12:30 
Tue  12/15: Spelling Group #4 Test - Gym 12:30 - Social Studies Test
Wed 12/16: Band 8:20 - Spelling Group #5 Test - Art 1:35 - 2:15 Dismissal 
Thu  12/17: Spanish 11:00 - Music 12:30 - Prayer Buddy Music Program 1:45
Fri    12/18: Gym 8:20 - Mass 9:30 - Math Test - Art 12:30 - READ AND FEED (Afternoon) - Nativity Practice 2:30 
Mon 12/21: Band 8:20 - Music 12:30 - 5A Christmas Party!! 
Tue  12/22: Nativity 11:45 - 1:15 Dismissal 
Special Notes: 
Christmas Activities: 
  • Read and Feed on Friday Dec. 18th to celebrate the kids hard work for the semester and push for to meet our goal for our reading challenge! 
  • Christmas Party on Monday Dec. 21 in the afternoon. If you would like to volunteer to send treats or anything for this please let me know. 
    • Gift Exchange -  Students will be doing a $5 max gift exchange. Please have your child bring a girl gift if they are a girl or a boy gift if they are a boy (candy and such is great too). You can send these gifts in EARLY!! 
  • 5-8 Nativity Tuesday Dec. 22 -  The Christmas Nativity put on by the 5th-8th graders will take place at 11:45 in the church. 5th grade is on 1st. Students should come dressed in their christmas best for the program. No Jeans, shorts or sweats. School uniforms work too! They should wear these clothes to school so we don't need to worry about getting changed. 
2 hour early out-  There has been a schedule change on December 22nd and we are having a 2 hour early out. Students will need to come back to the school after the nativity and will be dismissed at 1:15. 
Social Studies Test next Tuesday Dec. 15
Prayer Buddies: I hope you have heard from your children that 5A has started Prayer Buddies with our Transitional Kindergarten classroom! We have met with them and done activities with them a few times now and the 5th graders really seem to enjoy it! I can already see them showing more responsibility and being great leaders! I've also attached some pictures below of the students working with our buddies!


Weekly Update 10/19-10/23

Hello Everyone! 
ITS RED RIBBON WEEK! I've made sure to put in all of the special notes about this week in our Weekly Rundown. Thanks in advance for your understanding during this crazy week! 
Weekly Rundown: 
Red Ribbon Week: 
10/19 - RRW Wear Sunglasses
10/20 - RRW Out of Uniform wear BRIGHT COLORS
10/21 - RRW in Uniform Red Polo wear Boots 
10/22 - RRW Out of Uniform Mismatched Clothes
10/23 - RRW In Uniform Red Polo
10/19 - Band 8:20 - Spelling Group #5 Test - Gym 12:30 
10/20 - Spelling Group #1 Test - Music 12:30 - Social Studies Ch Quiz (open-book) 
10/21 - Band 8:20 - Spelling Group #2 Test - Living Rosary Prayer 12:45 - Art 1:35 
10/22 - JA 8:20 - Spelling Group #3 Test - Spanish 11:30 - Gym 12:30 - READ AND FEED
10/23 - Art 8:20 - Mass 9:30 - Spelling Group #4 Test - 1:15 Dismissal (End of 1st Quarter) 
Special Notes: 
Read and Feed: Thursday is our first Read and Feed in 5A! Students are allowed to bring a pillow, a blanket, snacks and a drink (pop is ok). We will begin our Read and feed about 1:30 on Thursday afternoon. 
Parent/Teacher Conferences: P/T conferences are next week and I can't wait to sit down with you all and tell you how wonderful your kids are (because they are awesome and amazing kids). Please make sure you sign up in the office or at Mass on this weekend for a designated time on the conference sheets. If none of these times work for you, please let me know and we can get something set up! 
Fine Arts Pie Sale:  Just a reminder to turn in your pie and Christmas cookie orders to the school office by Wednesday!!!  This fundraiser benefits our Fine Arts Departments (Music, Band, and Art), and is replacing Market Day which is no longer available to schools. Our goal is for EACH FAMILY to sell 2 items.
I hope you all have a wonderful week :)