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Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the 7th and 8th grade English informational page. Mrs. Delaney is doing her best to get me, Mrs. Tallman, into the age of technology. So, here is my attempt to be high tech!!!

I just wanted to encourage all students to read this summer! For the new 8th graders, I have challenged them to read and read some more! Research indicates a direct link between reading comprehension and vocabulary. In order to understand what you read, then you need to develop an expansive vocabulary. In order to expand your vocabulary, then you need to read and read some more.

So, the following guidelines will be different than what I shared with the students prior to their exiting for summer vacation. In order to be exempt from a September book report, a student needs to read and document over 1250 pages. I encouraged different levels; however, I have rethought my levels. Here are the rewards for summer reading:

- over 1250 pages = an "A" on the September book report

- over 1000 pages = a homework pass to be used in the first quarter on anything other than a writing assignment

- over 500 pages = three extra credit points

I hope this encourages students to read this summer! Have a great summer! See you August!

P.S. For more information regarding the St. Paul School Reading Program, please view Mrs. Delaney's summer reading page link: